This Month I Am Thankful For: Author Jasmine Guillroy

Anyone who I have spoken to during the last year knows I am a huge fan of (and slightly obsessed with) author Jasmine Guillroy! Her novels; which usually revolve around the lives of Black professional women, have me unable to stop reading or talking about her books. Her romance novels are much more than your traditional romance novels… they are funny, heart-warming, and relatable. 

Her debut novel is one of my new ultimate favorites… A chance meeting in a broken down elevator that leads to love? What more could you want in a novel?! Ms. Guillroy currently has five must-read novels out. Although the novels do not have to be read in order, I highly recommend it as the novels are a slight continuation of the previous novel. Just make sure you grab a Bookedbag to protect these precious reads. Happy reading!

1. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillroy (2018) - An elevator... a fake wedding date.. and a romance no one saw coming.. 
2. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillroy (2018) - An unexpected proposal and unexpected refusal and everything that ensues afterwards.
3. The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillroy (2019) - This is the classic story of when opposites attract.
4. Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillroy (2019) - A holiday romance abroad with a member of the Queen’s security team… What could go wrong?
5. Party of Two by Jasmine Guillroy (2020) - Politics, loads of sweet treats, and a romance no one saw coming.


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  • I have to agree! These books are like a great glass of wine with the best friends. I wanted them each to last long after the last chapter was done!

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